Building your personal brand on LinkedIn

There’s no denying that LinkedIn gets a bit of a bad rap. Part online resume, part awkward networking tool, it’s often seen as the Frankenstein’s Monster of social networking sites. At career seminars it gets hammered into us over and over again that you must have a LinkedIn profile. It’s the digital equivalent of a […]

Interview: Megan Armanasco

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan Armanasco. Megan is a marketing executive for Jowett Motor Group. She’s been working in the industry for more than ten years. I sat down with her to discuss the impact of social media in marketing, and talk about some of her career highlights. Nick: Welcome to […]

Insta fame

It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been a few short years since Instagram influencers burst onto the scene. With their legions of followers and aggressive content schedules, it can appear to be a lucrative career for those lucky enough to make it big. However while it’s clear that Instagram influencers are here to stay, […]