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In our connected world, it’s increasingly important for businesses and brands to stand out. However letting your brand speak for itself can seem like a daunting task.What’s more, you might spend hours and hours fretting over written communications. Hours that could be better spent doing what you do to bring in the dough.

That’s where I come in.
I’ll sit down with you and work out exactly how to convey what it is you or your brand is trying to say. Or if you have a style you’ve already established, I can copy it.

Together we can work out what you’re trying to say, and I’ll find the right words to say it. What’s more, I’ll make sure any online content is optimised for SEO.

Take the stress out of communications. Let me write things right.


Have you started thinking about the bigger picture, but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you unsure if you need to be on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

I can help you devise a marketing strategy that is tailored for your business. We can work out what you should be doing and when you need to do it.

Let’s tame that social behemoth and make it work for you.

How my process works

Some people have never worked with a freelance copywriter before. If that’s the case, don’t worry. My process is straight forward.

I believe that collaboration produces the best results. As you’ll see below, there are many opportunities to provide feedback and refine my finished product.


Project brief

Once you’ve gotten in touch with me, I’ll send you a copy of my Project Brief. This will ask some basic questions about what you’re looking for and the overall scope of your project.

This document will allow me to gauge the project length, as well as provide an accurate you with a quote for my services.

I will also be able to inform you when I’ll be able to commence work, and how long I think the project will take.



Once you’ve agreed to my project proposal, and signed the documentation, I ask that you pay a deposit comprising 50% of the total fee for my services.

Once the deposit has been confirmed, I can start work on the project.


Initial meeting

The project brief is a great place to get an overview of your business. However, I’ll need to spend some time getting to know you a bit better. The more I understand about your business the better.  

The meeting is generally an hour in length, in which we’ll discuss your brief in detail. This will give me the ammunition I need to craft your content.

Our meeting can be face-to-face or via Skype. Whatever works best for you.


Basic draft

Once we’ve had our initial meeting, I’ll block out some time in my calendar to put my basic draft together. I’ll then send it to you for review.

My basic draft includes a summary of everything that will be covered in the copy. This is done bullet form, which gives you the ability to see if we’ve missed anything in our discussions. 

It will also include a Tone of Voice example for you to assess. 

Once you’ve done your review and submitted any  changes I’ll move onto the full draft.


Full drafts and revisions

I then write the remaining copy, sticking to the tone of voice agreed upon earlier.

Once completed, I’ll send it to you for your approval. You can request any changes.

I usually have three rounds of revisions. This allows me to really nail everything down.



Signoff, payment, and wine. 

After going through the revisions, we’re nearing the finish line.

I’ll ask you to sign off against the final draft and transfer the remaining project fee. Once the payment has been confirmed I’ll approve transfer of copyright to you.

Then we pour ourselves a nice glass of wine and discuss the next project!  

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